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Simplify and optimize your digital workflow, centralize and distribute corporate branding, re-purpose rich media assets, and provide a catalyst for efficient workgroup collaboration.


Sell Images

Allows anyone to sell, license and protect images, videos, audio and pdf’s on their self-hosted site.


A Special Message

Create you own stock photo or video site, protect file uploads, accept payments via Paypal…

Various Features Available With ImageFolio V.5.0

Allows anyone to sell, license and protect images, videos, audio and pdf’s on their site. Features include batch uploading, metadata keyword and descriptive tagging, categorizing, sharing, locating, finding, searching, viewing, publishing, collecting, versioning, approving, grouping, batch downloading, maintaining, securing, and marketing.Imagefolio supports hundreds of file types, including Office┬« documents, all standard image file formats, digital photography, RAW images, videos, audio files, Photoshop┬« files, page layout documents, PDFs, postscript images, and much more.

License your media for specific usages, including commercial, editorial, or personal usages.
Build a stock photography website

Assign different licenses (commercial, personal, etc.) to your stock images to increase the price.
If you can upload it, you can sell it. While ImageFolio V5.0 caters to selling and licensing photographs, it works with other media files, too.

Server-side security to ensure that the original source file that you uploaded is protected. Smaller versions of images uploaded to ImageFolio are still accessible and can be watermarked, if needed, to dissuade image theives from stealing your images.

The Multi-User Mod

ImageFolio comes bundled with Plug-Ins called Mods.

With The Multi-User Mod you can set permissions for each user. Definable permissions include: category viewing, skin changing, preview image viewing, image protection and/or watermarking, and full-size (original high resolution file) downloads. ImageFolio generates logs for user searches, postcards, and file downloads. ImageFolio can store user information in the multi-user database or in any other user database (i.e. from message board software such as UBB, from an htpasswd file, or any MySQL, SQL Server, or Oracle database). We included instructions and development tools to create new “database link” files and share them with others.

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The Picture Post Mod

Untitled-4The Picture Post Mod for ImageFolio Pro allows your users to post pictures, movies, and music to administrator permitted categories. Administrators assign permissions to add/modify captions, move/remove user files, save high resolution files, upload only to subcategories, require approval before files can be viewed, etc. The Picture Post Mod generates thumbnail and preview images to your specifications. Specifications include maximum dimensions, image quality, sharpness, contrast, and more.

The ImageFolio Lightbox Mod is an add-on for ImageFolio Pro that allows your site visitors to collect their favorite images or files and save them to a “lightbox,” which can be viewed at any given time. Once in the lightbox, a user can view a personal automated or manual slideshow with realtime delay controls. By clicking an email button, a user can email a lightbox to anyone with an email address. Last but not least, it has built in Zip functionality so your site visitors can collect, then download one Zip file of all their favorite images, movies, and other files, with the click of a button!
The Batch Thumbnail Mod is an add-on module for ImageFolio (Any version) that automates the process of thumbnailing your gallery images. When called via a Web browser, this Mod will spider your entire ImageFolio gallery directory (recursively) and collect a list of images that do not already have thumbnails built. It will then thumbnail each of those large images and size them to the specifications you define. One step is all it takes to make thumbnails for thousands of your images.