Imagefolio Expertise

Imagefolio provides companies and organizations with a centralized web-based user group permissions-based digital asset management repository.

Features include batch uploading, metadata keyword and descriptive tagging, categorizing, sharing, locating, finding, searching, viewing, publishing, collecting, versioning, approving, grouping, batch downloading, maintaining, securing, and marketing.

Imagefolio supports hundreds of file types, including Office® documents, all standard image file formats, digital photography, RAW images, videos, audio files, Photoshop® files, page layout documents, PDFs, postscript images, and much more.


Imagefolio Services

Imagefolio helps organizations by providing a secure repository that facilitates the creation, management, organization, collaboration, distribution and monetization of digital assets. As the industry evolves into technology driven businesses, an increasing number of companies are reaching a critical threshold in needing to control and manage their vast amounts of digital media assets.

Why Choose Us

      • Sell Photos, Videos, Prints, Products & More
      • Support For PayPal & 14 Other Payment Gateways
      • Member Upload Features
      • Mobile friendly
      • We offer support because we care about your site as much as you do.

What Client’s Say

Finally I’ve found a photo storage program and I’m surprised how easy it is to set up and configure. I love the addons which allows artists to contribute to the site. Big compliments to the Imagefolio team for the great work you are doing. Questions are being answered quickly and accurately.
John L., Customer
I think Imagefolio have done an awesome job. The product is rock solid and meets my needs. I have use many other photo catalog programs and this is the best by far.
Jennifer, Customer
We started selling stock photos on other agencies however we decided to sell direct to our client. Imagefolio gives us the convenience without having to code or hire someone to code it. We have been using Imagefolio for around 1 year. The service so far has been excellent and the product works great.
Matthew, Customer